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Stark’s assets fall by 50%


The firm now manages $3 billion, down from $6 billion a year ago. At its midyear peak in 2008, Stark managed $14.45 billion.

Stark Investments, a multistrategy firm based in St. Francis, Wis, has suffered a 50% drop in assets during the past year, largely because of a redemption run that began in mid-2008.

The firm’s assets dropped to $3 billion from $6 billion at the beginning of 2010, making it one of the biggest losers by percentage in AR’s biannual Billion Dollar Club survey. That’s a far cry from mid-2008, when Stark managed $14.45 billion.

The firm has been losing assets ever since, based on redemptions stemming from the poor performance of its flagship multistrategy fund, Shepherd Investments International, in