CTAs get back on track in February


Most CTAs fared well in February. Mulvaney Global Markets was up 9.78%, while FTC Commodity Fund Alpha made 8.64% and Rho Altius 1XL was up 7.50%. ISAM Systematic’s gold share class put on 7.64% and Estlander & Partners Global Markets XL made 5.78%.

FTC Futures Fund Dynamic was up by 5.56% and Quantisquare made 4.32%, while GLC Directional gained 3.74% and AIMhedge returned 4.57%. Shearwater was up 3.84% and BlueTrend gained 3.48%. ISAM Systematic made 2.67%, while QCM Global Natural Resources returned 2.58% and Molinero Global Markets added 3.41%.

Aspect Diversified was up 2.49% and Brummer & Partners