Most commodities specialists post gains


February was a generally good month for commodities specialists. Hinde Gold led the pack with 9.76%, followed by VOC Capital Commodity Alpha on 3.95% and Global Commodity Systematic on 3.02%.

Krom River Commodity was up 2.46% and Investec Global Commodities and Resources made 1.92%. Galena Energy was up 4.96% while Galena Metals posted a return of 1.76%.

IPM Commodity was up 95 basis points and Duet Commodities made 0.77%, while Armajaro Commodities gained 0.40% and Tellurian Commodity was up 0.20%.

On the downside Galena Special Situations made a 1.48% loss. Tiberius Absolute Return Commodity was down 2.90%, Ebullio