Multi-strat, mixed arb funds steady again


It was generally a steady month for multi-strategy and mixed arbitrage funds. GLG Market Neutral – new to the multi-strat sector this month – made 2.25% and Winton Evolution was up 2.09%, while the IKOS Hedge Fund gained 1.92%.

GLC Diversified returned 3.07%, while CQS Directional Opportunities was up 1.44%. Jabcap Multi Strategy gained 1.33% and Stratus Quantitative Trading added 1.18%. Brummer Multi-Strategy made 1.13%, 1798 gained 0.92% and Arrowgrass returned 0.91%.

GLG Multi-Strategy posted a 1.25% return and GLG Global Opportunity was up 0.92%. BlueCrest AllBlue was up 0.93% and BlueCrest Capital International made 0.34%.

Trafalgar Multi-Strategy