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Charlton extols the value of short side insights


Bad businesses, weak economies and increased volatility are creating opportunities for the absolute return UCITS fund Leonard Charlton from Dalton Strategic Partnership manages. He speaks to Joy Dunbar, editor of Absolute UCITS, about short-selling, the economy and what he intends to do if the fund he manages performs negatively in a calendar year.

If Dalton Strategic Partnership’s Melchior strategy ever performs negatively its fund manager, Leonard Charlton, says very seriously that he would try very hard to fire himself.

Leonard Charlton from DSP 

There are no excuses to lose clients their money regardless of what is occurring in the wider economy, Charlton says.

The long/short European equity UCITS fund aims to return 5% to 10% per year, though Charlton says he would like the fund to make 8% to 10% per year.

He says: “Our objective is not just a number. Our objective is to make money when