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Citadel's U.S. marketing chief Jake Walthour departs


The former Aksia executive is leaving his role as head of Citadel’s U.S. institutional distribution a little more than a year after his hire.

Jake Walthour, head of U.S. distribution at Citadel, left the firm this week. Walthour, who was previously head of advisory services at consulting firm Aksia, joined Citadel in this role in January 2010. He was charged with raising money for Citadel from institutional investors.

Walthour’s departure was related to a residential mortgage fund that Citadel recently decided to liquidate, according to people familiar with the situation. They said that during his tenure at Citadel, Walthour only raised institutional money for this mortgage fund, which began trading in June. Citadel decided to liquidate this fund in March after redemptions