Bennelong leads as event fortunes vary


Bennelong Global Special Opportunities led the way in a varied month for event-driven strategies, returning 7.92% last month to give it a 5.54% return after the first quarter.

Carrousel was up 3.65% in March for a 9.96% Q1 return. Altima Global Special Situations made 2.98% and is up 0.72% since the start of the year. Jabcap Event Driven was up 2.45% last month for a 5.74% year-to-date gain. Sam Morland’s new OVS Capital made 1.40% in March, while York European Opportunities was up 1.30%, Centaurus returned 1.03% and Omni made 0.48%.

March losers included RAB Cross Europe (-3.95%