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RWC’s Gambhir survives war of attrition as his Samsara strategy seeks uncrowded equity plays


Ex-JP Morgan European equity star Ajay Gambhir chose a tough time to launch his follow-up fund at RWC Partners. But the strategy has performed solidly through a wild period and he is optimistic about the potential upside to be found in undervalued equity opportunities

Ajay Gambhir
Three-and-a-half years since launch, Ajay Gambhir’s RWC Samsara directional long/short European equity fund has weathered the storm of market instability and investor redemptions – emerging with a solid performance track record and rebounding assets under management.

The fund was built on a strong foundation – drawing on Gambhir’s previous success running a well-regarded and high-performing similar strategy at JP Morgan Asset Management. But it made its debut at what, with hindsight, was arguably the worst possible time – launching in September 2007, just as the financial crisis was about