Macro traders make headway after rocky first quarter


Most macro managers generally had a better time in April than in the first quarter, with many managing to make money again after a rocky start to the year.

The ADG Capital Macro Volatility Convexity Fund returned 8.85% for the month. CCP Quantitative returned 8.47% with its Aristarchus class, and 4.49% for the Babbage class.

Danix A3 was up 6.56%, Harmonic Alpha Plus Macro was up 5.30% and Fulcrum Alpha made a 4.48% gain. Pharo Macro was up 4.41%, Auriel Global Macro made 3.78%, Investcorp Stoneworks gained 3.4% and Colm O’Shea’s COMAC Global Macro returned 3.31%.

Among other