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Ira Sohn: The 2011 picks


Chanos says to short green tech, Einhorn calls for Ballmer's head and Ackman pumps Family Dollar.

The 16th annual Ira Sohn Investment Conference in New York City yesterday didn't disappoint. AR brings you the full list of investment tips from the charity event (for background on some of the ideas, see previous AR coverage summarized here). Based on how the 2010 ideas performed, there will likely be more winners than losers, but do not heed the advice of the hedge fund masters blindly.

Speaker Firm Message
Erez Kalir Sabretooth Capital Go long MBIA (MBI), non-U.S. farmland and Argentinean exploration and production companies (Crown Point Ventures (CWV), Americas Petrogas (BOE), Madalena Ventures (MVN), ArPetro (ETR) and YPF SA (YPF))

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