Absolute UCITS weekly performance: 20 to 27 May 2011


Fund Name Performance 20 to 27 May 2011
European Equity Median -0.25%
BayernInvest Alpha Opportunity Plus-Fonds (UCITS) 1.98%
Prim' KappaVol (UCITS) 1.54%
Cazenove Absolute UK Dynamic Fund P1 Class (UCITS) 1.14%
Pensato Europa Absolute Return Fund (UCITS) 0.50%
BlackRock BSF European Opportunities Absolute Return Fund (UCITS) 0.35%
BNY Mellon Absolute Return Equity Fund - GBP (UCITS) 0.28%
OFI Prim' KappaStocks (UCITS) 0.26%
Allianz RCM Discovery Europe Strategy (UCITS) 0.23%
Orchidee 1 Long/Short (UCITS) 0.19%
GLG Alpha Select (UCITS) Class C - EUR 0.17%
Melchior Selected Trust European Absolute Return Fund (UCITS) 0.17%
Occam Europe Focus Fund (UCITS) - EUR 0.08%
Liontrust European Absolute Return Fund I (UCITS) 0.06%
Liontrust European Absolute Return Fund R (UCITS) 0.06%
RWC Europe Absolute Alpha Fund (UCITS)