Absolute UCITS weekly performance: 27 May to 3 June 2011


Fund Name Performance 27 May to 3 June
European Equity Median -0.18%
Ennismore European Smaller Companies Fund (UCITS) - GBP 1.50%
Old Mutual Dynamic Equity Fund (UCITS) 0.93%
Pictet TR - Corto Europe Class P (UCITS) 0.93%
IM Octopus Absolute European Fund (UCITS) 0.75%
Liontrust European Absolute Return Fund R (UCITS) 0.59%
Liontrust European Absolute Return Fund I (UCITS) 0.50%
Cazenove Absolute UK Dynamic Fund P1 Class (UCITS) 0.44%
JB EF Absolute Return Europe Fund (UCITS) 0.42%
Exane Ceres Fund (UCITS) 0.36%
Exane Micromegas Fund (UCITS) 0.35%
Allianz RCM Discovery Europe Strategy (UCITS) 0.34%
Siitnedif Tordesillas Long Short Iberia Fund (UCITS) 0.30%
Melchior Selected Trust European Absolute Return Fund (UCITS) 0.24%
FCM European Opportunities Fund - Class B GBP (UCITS) 0.14%