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French asset manager launches UCITS compliant currency fund


Independent French quantitative fund manager, Aequam Capital, has launched a UCITS-compliant multi-currency fund.

Aequam Currencies Fund is available in euro and dollar share classes and is uncorrelated to bond and equity markets, according to a statement issued by the asset manager.

 The fund aims to get investors from professionals such as private banks, multi-managers, institutions, treasuries and family offices.

The fund is managed by Lionel Lefebvre, Arnaud Chrétien and Alonso Rivas.

 The fund invests G10 currencies and nine emerging market currencies.  Performance is based on four drivers:


1.   Trend following: identification of currency pair trends;

2.   Carry trade: taking advantage of short term differences in interest rate spreads between two currencies;

3.   Evolution of the dynamics