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Jabre’s Tabet off to a strong start with standalone event-driven fund


The performance of Ziad Tabet’s Jabcap Event Driven Fund has been a bright spot in a difficult few months for Philippe Jabre’s $6 billion Geneva-based firm

Ziad Tabet
The JabCap Event Driven Fund, managed by long-standing event-driven specialist Ziad Tabet and the most recent fund roll-out from Philippe Jabre’s $6 billion Geneva-based firm, has made a very good start since launching in November.

The fund – a carve-out of Tabet’s event-driven sub-portfolio within Jabre’s flagship multi-strategy offering – is annualising at around 17.5% after seven months of trading. Since launch it is up by around 10% and the fund is up by almost 6% this year, despite losing just over 1% in May – compared with a return of just 1.3%