Equity market-neutral and quant-driven strategies weather the storm


The first half has been a far more positive experience for equity market-neutral and quant-driven equity funds than for most fundamental long/short strategies. Despite losses in June, most are in positive territory.

The LMR Fund is up 20.86% after making 7.57% in June. ABCA Reversion stands at 14.62% YTD after a 2.31% gain last month. GSA Capital International has made 7.89% YTD and was up 0.43% in June, while Abaco Financials is up 6.60% YTD after a 1.56% June return.

GLG European Long/Short has returned 5.01% YTD, making 0.48% in June. Brummer & Partners Archipel is up 5.11%