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Sparx leans on experience in Japan to deal with fallout from the West


The turmoil in August challenged all suppositions that the worst had already passed for the global capital markets. Amid continuing European debt woes, fiscal despair in the US and a big sell-off across markets, AsiaHedge senior writer Rodney Diola met with Sparx Group founder, CE0 and CIO, Shuhei Abe to discuss where the markets are headed and how Sparx is responding

Shuhei Abe
It must have been challenging for Sparx to operate in this kind of environment.
Yes, it is difficult but this type of market activity is something we are accustomed to. It is probably more of a big shock to young US traders who have been in the bull market for the past 10 years but if you asked Taniguchi-san [Sparx Asset Management group COO Masaki Taniguchi], whether it shocked him or not, his reaction will probably be far calmer.

[In Japan,] we saw our first big shock in 1990; from 1990 to