Global/EM equity pain continues


After a painful August, the vast majority of global equity hedge funds had a torrid time again in September. A dozen or so funds racked up losses in the double digits, including Guinness Energy (-21.55%), Wessex Natural Resources (-20.25%), Gondwana (-14.12%), Horseman Global (-12.73%), Praxient Jaguar (-11.5%), AlphaGen RhoCas (-10.30%), and RAB Global Mining (-10.28%).

Other prominent losers included Abbey Global (-7.94%), GLG Global Mining (-7.32%), SR Phoenicia (-7.2%), Sector Maritime (-7.05%), Lansdowne Global Financials (-6.18%), Bruce Nelson Global (-6.56%), and Tosca (-5.71%).

Eschler Global lost 7.05% in September, while NPJ Global Opportunities was down 6.42% and Inflection