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Stratton Street backs rich nations as it tackles the West’s debt equation


Well ahead of the global sovereign debt crisis, Stratton Street dared to be a contrarian and invest in countries that were creditors, not debtors. In an interview with AsiaHedge editor Aradhna Dayal, London-based portfolio manager Andy Seaman gives his thoughts on the possible outcomes of the Eurozone debt crisis and his Renminbi Bond fund – the longest running strategy of its type in the Asian hedge fund space

Andy Seaman
Could you give us a brief synopsis of the funds you run?
At Stratton Street we manage funds of just under $1 billion, the largest of which is EFG’s New Capital Wealthy Nations Bond Fund where we act as sub advisor. That fund invests in the wealthiest countries in the world and so, by definition, does not “index”. Index investing for bond fund managers is a nonsense in our view, as the biggest weights are given to the most heavily indebted countries and corporates. Instead, we invest in countries, and the corporates