Hedge Funds

Varus racks up a striking two-year record with its distinctive long/short equity style


Swiss-based managers Stefan Heieck and Frank Siebrecht are dramatically outperforming most of their peers in European long/short equity, having just completed two strong years with a strategy that is focused primarily on Germany and adopts an ‘old school’ approach to running a hedge fund

Frank Siebrecht, Benjamin Schmitt and Stefan Heieck
The Varus Fund, a long/short European equity strategy managed out of Zürich by Heieck Siebrecht Capital Advisors (HSCA), has just completed its two-year track record and is showing strong numbers since launching in September 2009 – despite maintaining low volatility and a focus on capital protection.

The fund, which places an emphasis on investments in German-speaking Europe, returned just shy of 20% in 2010 and is up 18.3% this year to the end of September – an impressive 2011 gain when compared with a median year-to-date loss nearing