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Fund profile: Old Mutual finds value with market-neutral global equity approach


Absolute UCITS editor Joy Dunbar speaks to Ian Heslop, head of quantitative strategies at Old Mutual Asset Managers, about the fund’s global equity market-neutral approach and the macro headwinds driving markets.

Year-to-date to the end of September, the Old Mutual Global Equity Absolute Return Fund is the best performing fund in the Absolute UCITS database.

But since its inception in July 2009, the fund’s performance appears to have two distinct phases: to September 2011 the fund is up more than 13%, while in 2010 it returned 26 basis points and the second half of 2009 it returned more than 1%.

Ian Heslop: Old Mutual Asset Managers

The objective of the market-neutral equity fund is to achieve cash plus 6% in annual returns with 6% volatility