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Insparo proves theory with success of multi-strategy frontier market approach


Despite launching into the onset of the global financial crisis and then facing the impact of the ‘Arab Spring’ this year, frontier market specialist Insparo has racked up an impressive track record over its first three years with its unique multi-strategy equity and debt approach to investing in some of the world’s most value-rich and fastest-growing, but also most volatile, financial markets

Bibi Korvalian
Graham Stock
Mohammed Hanif
Somewhat overshadowed in recent months by the escalating Eurozone sovereign debt crisis and the global economic downturn, the ‘Arab Spring’ has returned to the headlines of late with the demise of Colonel Gaddafi in Libya, renewed unrest in Egypt and the democratic election of a constituent assembly in Tunisia – the nation where the momentous uprising began earlier this year.

Few investment firms have found themselves more squarely at the centre of the events that are reshaping the Arab world – and which