BDT and Tantallon shine in resurgent ex-Japan market


Asian markets rebounded strongly after the carnage of 2008. The MSCI Pacific Ex Japan Index rose 72.8% over the year, although returns from long/short funds were mixed.

BDT Invest Oriental Focus was up 90.3% on the year after a 1.42% monthly gain. Key positions such as China Taiping, Rexlot, Minth, Lafarge and Mermaid helped the fund's gains during the year.

Tantallon Emerging Markets was up 83.37% for 2009 following a 4.08% December rise and New Harbour Asia ended the year up 82.40% after a 5.68% monthly gain.

Schroder ISF Asian Total Return was up 78.7% after a 4.59% December and