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Trammell Crow family seeds former PM in equity fund launch


Philip Blazek, who returned 47% running an equity book for the Crow family office last year, has emerged with his own long/short small-cap strategy.

Philip Blazek, who ran money for Dallas’s Crow family—scions of the Trammell Crow real estate fortune—has formed Blazek Capital Management and launched an equity fund with the family as a partner.

The long/short equity fund, Blazek Crow Holdings Capital, which focuses on U.S. small-cap equities, began trading in January with $15 million from the Crows' family office, Crow Holdings, which owns a minority stake. “To have one of the most prominent family offices in Dallas as a strategic partner—it’s very appealing,” Blazek said.

Blazek joined Crow Holdings toward the end of 2008 as an equity portfolio manager. In 2009,