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Whitebox rolls out an opportunistic event-focused fund


The $2.8 billion Minneapolis firm has launched a new fund with $100 million to exploit dislocations in commercial and residential mortgages.

Whitebox Advisors, the $2.8 billion Minneapolis-based hedge fund firm, has launched an opportunistic event-focused strategy. The Whitebox Asymmetric Opportunity Fund rolled out on April 1 with $100 million, and the firm hopes to raise its assets to $500 million, at which point it will have a soft-close. Paul Twitchell manages the strategy in the firm’s Austin, Texas office.

The Asymmetric fund will focus on exploiting dislocations in commercial and residential mortgages, mortgage-related securities, interest rate sensitive securities, and other short- to medium-term dislocations. It will use all forms of credit instruments, including credit-default swaps, collateralized-debt obligations, options, swaptions,