Hedge Funds

Credit Suisse combines alternatives division, names Ravi Singh chief


Ravi Singh will now oversee all of alternatives, including hedge funds, funds of funds, private equity and real estate. Nicole Arnaboldi, who used to manage those investments, has been named vice chairman of asset management.

Credit Suisse has integrated its alternative asset management divisions into a single unit, combining management of its liquid and illiquid investments. As head of alternatives, a new position, Ravi Singh will be in charge of $161 billion and 700 employees worldwide.

Singh, a Goldman Sachs veteran, came out of retirement last June to manage the bank’s liquid alternatives division, which included hedge funds, funds of funds and indexes. The bank’s illiquid alternatives, including $65 billion of private equity and real estate investments, had since 2007 been overseen by Nicole Arnaboldi. Concurrent with Singh’s promotion, Arnaboldi has been named