League Table


Fund Name Last 3 Apr-10Last 6Last 12YTDAnn CompInception
South African Long Short Equities
Coronation Presidio Fund 6.03%1.09%11.10%34.36%8.59%16.06%Oct-05
Solario Fund 5.44%-0.15%2.86%19.36%5.02%20.75%May-07
Maestro Long Short Equity Fund 4.81%0.55%1.40%14.34%2.83%-6.92%Jul-07
Sentio Plato Fund 3.57%-1.05%4.57%17.59%1.21%8.44%Nov-07
Oakmont Fund 3.23%0.40%6.14%19.84%4.06%20.72%Jun-03
Interneuron Freestyle Portfolio 2.96%-0.50%7.96%7.73%3.47%7.89%Jul-05
Catalyst Alpha En Commandite Partnership 2.51%1.47%4.52%26.72%3.79%21.44%Feb-06
RMBAM Long Short Equity Hedge Fund 2.46%0.12%3.63%10.37%2.60%8.68%Aug-06
Impact Fund 2.20%0.73%6.16%27.97%3.46%11.80%Feb-02
i capital nitrogen Fund 1.51%2.36%4.40%15.61%2.62%18.78%Aug-06
Nexus Triton Fund -0.89%2.98%-1.81%-0.47%-0.78%14.58%Mar-08
Investec Asset Management Equity Hedge Fund -1.88%0.28%0.23%1.69%-3.14%9.23%Dec-07
Absolute Alpha Fund -3.60%-3.30%-2.37%12.77%-1.77%23.89%Nov-03
Oryx SA -4.79%1.80%-7.15%-6.70%-7.06%23.53%Jun-03
Optis Southern Africa - USD -9.10%1.40%-16.30%-17.66%-11.20%22.22%Jun-03
South African Market Neutral & Quantitative Strategies
Cadiz Tungsten Fund 5.41%2.20%3.20%10.88%3.22%14.86%Oct-07
Pardus Hedge Fund 4.13%0.68%1.62%10.87%4.01%9.81%Oct-05
X-Chequer Market Neutral Fund 2.95%0.88%4.99%16.71%3.05%18.27%Jun-06
Mazi Visio Market Neutral 2.72%1.30%6.54%25.38%3.75%22.39%Nov-06
Tempero Cautus 2.49%0.57%4.07%8.50%2.95%12.70%May-06
GEN-X Equity Market Neutral Fund 2.47%1.08%4.98%14.45%3.98%18.17%May-07
Volatility Arbitrage Fund 2.33%0.76%4.93%13.32%3.03%10.85%Sep-05
Cadiz Emerald Market Neutral Fund 2.06%1.16%2.51%8.14%1.63%14.76%Dec-07
Khulalonda Asset Management Fund 1.93%1.21%2.07%7.19%1.47%14.59%Jul-06
Allan Gray Optimal

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