Year-to-date numbers nosedive for Asia ex-Japan funds in May


NT Asian Discovery was down 4.73% leaving year-to-date numbers at 15.76% and Knight Asia Contrarian was off by 0.76% for the month, putting year-to-date returns at 16.29%. iVim Asia Opportunities was down 6.86%, taking year-to-date numbers to -0.3%, while Hidden Jewels Fund was down 6.78% to put year-to-date numbers at 0.94%.

Red Cobra Fund was down 7.2%, to leave year-to-date returns at -0.62%, and Riley Paterson Asian Opportunities was up 3.66%, taking year-to-date numbers to -1.09%. Heritage Asia Century was down 5.63% to put year-to-date numbers at -1.08%, and JF South Asia Absolute Return Fund was down -1.78%. Stretto