Uncorrelated quant and market-neutral equity funds score amid the turmoil


Equity market-neutral and quantitative strategies generally put in a good showing last month, shrugging off the equity market turbulence to produce strong and uncorrelated returns.

May was a good month for BlueCrest's BlueMatrix, which gained 3.97% and is now up 5.53% this year. Quantmetrics Multi Strategy made 4.18%. The IKOS Hedge Fund made just over 3%, taking it to 5.25% year-to-date, and Sabre Style Arbitrage was up 1.45% to reach 5.59% so far this year.

The 2.5x levered version of the HSBC European Alpha Fund made 3.30%, compared with 1.30% for the unlevered version. BlackRock Eos was up 1.69% and