Hedge Funds Performance

QIM funds gain in June but are still down for the year


Jaffray Woodriff’s firm produced positive numbers in June after a disappointing May. All of its managed futures funds are still down for the year, but its long/short equity fund is up by 16.78%.

After posting losses in May, Jaffray Woodriff’s Quantitative Investment Management recovered somewhat in June, producing gains in its three managed futures funds.

The firm returned 0.42% in the Quantitative Global Program, 0.40% in the Quantitative Global Program 1x and 1.29% in its Quantitative Global Program 3x.

Still, all three funds remain negative for 2010—the $4.3 billion Global Program is down 6.61% after falling 1.39% in May, the $374 million Global Program 1x is down 6.57% after a 1.30% loss in May and the $296 million Global Program 3x is down 18.71%, including May’s 3.86% loss. The $4.7 billon