Long/shorts labour again in June, struggle in H1


A volatile first half of 2010 saw a wide dispersion in European long/short equity fund performance, with a number of well-known names resurgent.

Hugh Hendry's Eclectica was up 2.51% in June to take first-half figures to 12.86%, while Geoff Oldfield's Ennismore gained 4.05% to put six-month numbers at 12.54% and JP Europe Dynamic Long Short was up 13.46% for the first half after a 3.06% June.

Ignis Cartesian was up 3.5% for June, taking H1 figures to 10.16%, and Artemis UK Hedge gained 4.87% to leave six-month returns at 11.38%, while Camox is up 13.1% over the year to date,