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Credit veteran Gargour ramps up LNG with big new platform


One of the pioneers in European long/short credit investing with a strong track record over the years, Louis Gargour is now on a mission to position LNG as a major brand in the credit space

This time, you could be forgiven for thinking, Louis Gargour is serious. Really serious. But of course that is an over-simplified, and perhaps a slightly lazy, conclusion - because his track record in managing credit funds over an impressively long period demonstrates pretty clearly that Gargour has never been anything other than serious.

LNG team: back, l to r – Charlie Hoblyn, Steven Mitra, Richard Cross, Neil Warrender; front, l to r – Felicity Oudes, Louis Gargour, Zola Mendbayar

The difference, this time, is that Gargour is also investing - and investing conspicuously - in building the