Mixed fortunes for multi-strat and mixed arbitrage funds


The multi-strategy and mixed arbitrage grouping was split roughly down the middle in August, with just over half the peer group making money and the other half losing it.

Aspect Master put in a good showing, making 5.15% and returning to positive year-to-date territory. Winton Evolution made a healthy 3.12% and Henderson Global Equity Multi-Strategy was up 2.41%.

Brummer Multi-Strategy made 2.39%, while Aziz Nahas' 1798 Fundamental Strategies Master Fund made 2.38% in August. CQS made solid gains with its two multi-strategy offerings, CQS Directional Opportunities (2.04%) and CQS Diversified (1.83%). Arrowgrass gained 0.52% and Helium was up by