Ups and downs in the event-driven sector


The event-driven sector produced a diverse range of performance in August. D&P's Russian Special Situations Fund made a solid 4.52%, and UK-focused Helium Special Situations was up 2.91%. Bennelong Global Special Opportunities gained 2.23%, while NewSmith European was up 1.95% and Omni Global made 1.09%. In the same area were Tyrus Capital Event (up 1.05%) and Diva Synergy (1.03%).

Paris-based ABC Arbitrage made 0.63% with its ABCA Opportunities Fund. Polygon Equity Opportunity and Tosca Opportunity were both up by 0.91%, while Centaurus International Risk Arbitrage was up by 0.77%.

Trafalgar Catalyst was roughly flat in August and RAB Cross