Billion Dollar Club Industry Analysis

Billion Dollar Club


The largest 217 American hedge fund firms gain $20 billion in the first half of 2010, for a total of $1.202 trillion. The top three firms—Bridgewater Associates, JPMorgan Asset Management and Paulson & Co.—maintain their dominance.

By Katrina Dean Allen

With hedge funds struggling to make money in 2010, it's no surprise that the amount they manage has stagnated. The Billion Dollar Club survey—AR's biannual look at American hedge funds managing $1 billion or more in assets—shows that the 217 hedge fund firms in that exclusive group managed a combined total of $1.202 trillion as of July 2010.

That's barely more than they managed at the beginning of the year, when 213 firms held a combined total of $1.182 trillion, and just 11% more than they managed one year ago, when only 205 firms managed $1