Hedge Funds Performance

September rally pushes all strategies into the black


The AR Composite Index rose 2.7% in September based on early estimates. U.S. Equity led the way, with Mixed Arbitrage taking up the rear. Mortgage backed securities funds are doing the best for the year.

With almost a quarter of September's performance in so far, it appears that hedge funds in the U.S. are posting positive returns, with every AR Index returning a positive median, and the AR Composite Index up an estimated 3.33%, compared to August's gain of 0.42%.

The three indices that were down for the year as of August 31—Commodities, Global Equity and U.S. Equity—powered back to positive territory on the back of their September gains.

The Multistrategy Index rose the most, with an estimated median return of 5.40%. Grand Slam Capital Partners performed particularly well, topping the group with an 8.10%