NT Asian Discovery nears 30% Q3 gain in Asia ex-Japan


NT Asian Discovery was up 14.76% to take three-month numbers to 29.86%, while Ajia Partners Asia Absolute Return Strategy was up an estimated 10.86%, taking Q3 figures to 22.6%. Whitefield Asian Opportunties gained 11.5%, to put third-quarter figures at 21.74%, and Red Cobra saw a 14.4% return taking third-quarter figures to 20.85%.

Wessex Asia Pacific Fund was up 10.75% on the month, taking three-month figures to 12.96%. GSI Asia Fund was up 12.38%, taking three-month numbers to an estimated 14.42%, and GAM Asia Equity Fund was up 13.01%, taking Q3 numbers to 13.82%. Richland Emerging Opportunities Fund was