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GLG’s emerging markets team turn adversity into advantage


Taking over from the high-profile Greg Coffey – and on the day that Lehman folded – was a big test for GLG’s new EM team. But they have rebuilt the business to capture the high returns from EM investing without the heavy losses that can also go with the territory

Bart Turtelboom and Karim Abdel-Motaal, the joint heads of GLG’s emerging markets business, are no strangers to crises. Both men have been trading and investing in emerging markets since the mid-1990s – starting their careers in a decade marked by the Mexican ‘Tequila’ meltdown and the Asian/Russian debt debacles.

Bart Turtelboom and Karim Abdel-Motaal

So they understand better than most that turbulence goes with the territory. But even those previous baptisms of fire could not have fully prepared them for what lay in store for them in September 2008, as they arrived from Morgan