Bennelong, Marwyn, Audley lead in events


The best-performing event-driven funds in October scored some hefty returns. Bennelong Global Special Opportunities made 16.87% last month and is up 37.42% year-to-date. Marwyn Value Investors was close behind, with a monthly return of 16.34%, and has made 47.18% YTD.

Meanwhile, Audley European Opportunities gained 10.90% and is up 38.49% YTD in its US dollar class and 48.36% in its euro class. Altima Global Special Situations made 7.33% during the month, and Tosca Opportunity returned 6.99%. Helium Special Situations was up 2.15%, and Cheyne European Event Driven gained 1.21%. Cygnus Europa was up 1.23% and York European Focus