Hedge Funds

Camargue rides wild terrain to build platform for growth


Ex-Soros and GLG man Benn Spiers could hardly have chosen a worse moment to start his own long/short firm than July 2008. But he survived the meltdown – and momentum is starting to build

If success in the hedge fund industry is predicated first and foremost on survival, then the progress of former Soros and GLG man Benn Spiers’ long/short European equity operation Camargue Capital thus far should augur well for its future.

Left to right: Benn Spiers, Stephen Mitchell, Jamie MacLean and Damian Dwan

Launched in July 2008, just ahead of the worst meltdown in financial markets in living memory, Camargue has come through a true baptism of fire over its first two and a half years with considerable credit – and with momentum starting to build