EM debt and equity managers keep strong returns coming


Substantial gains were made across equity and debt strategies in a strong month for emerging market specialists, with only a few negative outliers.

In equities, GAIA Resources returned 12.39% and Mango Capital returned 10.48%. Duet Africa Opportunities was up 6.93% and Tosca Emerging Markets made 6.67%.

Moore Emerging Equity Long/Short gained 6.14%, as did Alpheus Global Long Short. Renaissance Africa was up 5.88%, and Scipion Alpha Seeker made 4.21%. Jabcap EMEA was up 2.82% and Bill Browder’s Hermitage Fund was up 2.61%.

GAM Frontier Opportunity Equity Hedge was up 2.50%, and GAM Global Emerging Markets Hedge made 1.82%.