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Macro player Tanglin back on the front foot


The Stockholm-based and Nordic-oriented macro manager has had its ups and downs throughout its 10-year history. But the firm is on an upswing again and the long-term performance track record is strong

Tanglin, the long-running Stockholm-based macro fund, has been through a steep roller-coaster ride over the past decade.

Ante Nilsson

Launched in July 2000 with $50 million by a highly experienced team of six managers drawn from Stora Finance and SEB, the Nordic-oriented fund invests in equities, fixed-income and currency markets.

Having attained the status of a star macro player during the first half of the decade, its reputation began to slip away as performance declined and redemptions grew during 2005 to 2008.

However, following a major revamping of the management team, the fund has