Systematic commodity funds motor in October


October was a solid month for most commodities funds, with Armajaro STS Commodities and Krom River Commodity Systematic standing out for their double-digit returns.

Armajaro’s systematic fund was up 18.10%, cutting its year-to-date loss to 71 basis points. Its bigger and more established stable-mate, Armajaro Commodities, made 4.45% and is up 1.24% YTD.

Krom River’s systematic strategy made 16.16% for an 18.45% YTD return. The firm’s other offering, the Krom River Commodity Fund, was up 2.43% and has made almost 9% YTD.

The Hinde Gold Fund was up 7.67% and IPM Commodity gained 5.02%. Galena Metals made 2.79%