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Traxis strategy well-suited to UCITS, says Crowder


Traxis Partners, the US-based macro hedge fund group headed by Barton Biggs, a Wall Street legend from his many years at Morgan Stanley, is the latest US hedge fund group to create a UCITS structure for its strategy

Biggs’ investment strategy is a natural fit for the UCITS structure, according to Garry Crowder, managing partner of New York-based Traxis Strategic Asset Management Advisors.

Barton Biggs

Biggs will be the sole portfolio manager of the Luxembourg-domiciled DB Platinum Traxis Global Equity Macro Fund which is expected to launch in January next year.

It is a value oriented fund, run on a discretionary basis and invests in financial assets, according to Crowder. The fund has a top-down global macro approach but with a decidedly equity bias. It will not invest in commodities and is