Texas Teacher Retirement System investment fund performance


Current Porfolio Strategy Date Funded Tremont Actions
Bear Stearns Global Equity Arbitrage Fund Event Driven 04/12/00
Halcyon Offshore Event-Driven Strategies Fund Event Driven 03/01/01
York Pacific Investors Unit Trust 03/01/01 Redeemed 3/31/2003
Satellite Overseas Fund VI Event Driven 02/02/01
Brencourt Arbitrage International II Merger Arbitrage 12/02/01
Clover Partner - Island Fund II 03/04/01 Redeemed 9/3/2002
Black Diamond Long/Short Equity 04/04/01
OZ Overseas Fund Multi-Strategy Arbitrage 10/04/01 Redeemed 6/30/2003
Perry Partners International Event Driven 03/05/01
Gateway Investors Fund I 23/05/01 Redeemed 6/30/2003
PanAgora Structured Market Neutral Fund Equity Market Neutral 22/06/01
Crestmont Diversified Corporation 25/10/01
BP Capital Energy Equity International I 13/11/01 Redeemed 2/28/2003
Lipper Hedged Convertibles Convertible Arbitrage 03/01/02 Redeemed 3/31/2002
Raphael II Convertible Arbitrage 04/01/02
TQA Vantage Fund Convertible Arbitrage 04/01/02 Redeemed 11/30/2002
Zazove Offshore Hedged Convertible Fund Convertible Arbitrage 01/02/02
OZ Convertible Overseas Fund Convertible Arbitrage 05/02/02
Black Diamond Convertible II Convertible Arbitrage 05/03/02
Standard Pacific Capital Offshore Fund Long/Short Equity Funded 3/4/2003
Avenue International Distressed Securities Funded

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