Hedge Funds

The most influential charitable funds and their sponsors


Name Assets* Annual giving* Industry Links
Soros Charitable Foundation $71,802,777 $8,030,000 Soros Fund Management (George Soros)
The Samberg Family Foundation $50,720,245 $3,328,617 Pequot (Art Samberg)
Leon and Toby Cooperman Foundation $37,203,078 $1,878,700 Leon Cooperman
Simons Family Foundation $34,076,000 $7,023,018 Renaissance Technologies (Jim Simons)
Gabelli Foundation $29,661,480 $1,275,500 Gabelli (Mario Gabelli)
Kovner Foundation $26,885,388 $3,983,900 Caxton (Bruce Kovner)
Mark and Anla Cheng Kingdon Fund $21,595,348 $1,760,865 Kingdon (Mark Kingdon)
Judy and Michael Steinhardt Foundation $17,964,923 $6,848,688 Michael Steinhardt
Blanche and Julian Robertson Family Foundation $12,704,631 $1,049,923 Tiger Management (Julian Robertson)
Vinik Family Foundation $12,260,315 $4,839,902 Vinik (Jeff Vinik)
Tiger Foundation $11,976,533 $3,411,140 Tiger Management (Julian Robertson)
Blue Ridge Foundation $8,664,627 $1,149,135 Blue Ridge (John Griffin)
Lone Pine Foundation Inc. $7,437,776 $579,119 Lone Pine