Launches & Closures

U.S. New Fund Launches In First Half Of 2004


Fund Name Firm Name Strategy AUMs ($m) Location
Axiom Vega Asset Management Currency trading >25* New York
Basso Global Convertibles Basso Capital Global Convertibles 110 Stamford
Basso Multi-Strategy Basso Capital Multi-strategy 441 Stamford

Black River Global Multi-Strategy

Black River Asset Management Multi-strategy 1.3bn

Minnetonka, MN

CaliberOne CaliberOne Capital Management Fixed-income 35 New York
Cantillon U.S. Low Volatility Cantillon Capital Management Equity/low net exposure 270 New York
Contrarian Capital Finance Contrarian Capital Management Second-lien/secured debt >25* Greenwich
DB Axion Axion/DB Absolute Return Strategies Global equity 65* New Jersey
Deephaven Event Arbitrage Deephaven Capital Management Event-driven arbitrage 250 Minnetonka, MN
Deephaven Fundamental Long/Short Deephaven Capital Management L/S equity fundamental 100 Minnetonka, MN
Drake Low Volatility Drake Management Fixed-income/multi-sector 100 New York
DTAP Capital Management DTAP Capital Global macro 330 New York
Elazar Global Elazar Advisors L/S equity, cons/retail-focused 25 New York
FrontPoint Financial Services FrontPoint Partners L/S financial services 68.5 Greenwich
FrontPoint Multi-Strategy FrontPoint Partners Multi-strategy 70 Greenwich
Gemini Master Fund Gemini Investment Strategies Capital structure arbitrage 95 Parsippany, NJ
Greylock Global Distressed Debt Greylock Capital Management Distressed/emerging markets 26 New York
Greywolf High

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