Brand Names: April Performance


Standard Pacific Class B Standard Pacific Capital 1.64%
Cantillon World Ltd Cantillon Capital 1.60%
Bridgewater Pure Alpha Trading Bridgewater Associates 0.69%
Lone Pine Cypress Lone Pine Capital 0.48%
Greenlight Capital LP Greenlight Capital 0.40%
Fairfield Sentry Fairfield Greenwich Group 0.12%
Viking Global Equities Viking Capital -0.24%
Intrepid Capital Fund Intrepid Capital -0.26%
Raptor Global Class A Tudor Investment Corporation -0.33%
Chilton International Ltd Class A Chilton Investment Company -0.68%
Lansdowne UK Equity - USD Lansdowne Partners -0.88%
Barclays European Market Neutral - USD Barclays Global Investors -1.40%
Sloane Robinson (International) Fund Sloane Robinson -1.50%
Elm Ridge Capital Elm Ridge Capital -1.80%
Glenview Capital Partners Glenview Capital -1.83%
Maverick Fund Ltd Maverick Capital -1.87%
Eureka Interactive Fund - USD Marshall Wace AM -1.90%
Satellite OVS Fund Satellite AM -1.94%
Andor Technology Offshore Andor Capital -2.10%
Galleon Technology Overseas Ltd Galleon Group -2.26%
Egerton European Dollar Class B Egerton Capital Partners -2.45%
Eureka Fund - USD Marshall Wace AM -2.55%
SAB Overseas Fund

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