Brand names


Many of the industry's most successful and sought-after names hit home runs in December. Here we publish their results, collected from managers or other market sources

Fund Name Company Dec-05
Sloane Robinson (International) Fund Sloane Robinson 6.00%
Tosca Toscafund 4.59%
Lansdowne UK Equity - USD Lansdowne Partners 4.28%
Egerton European Dollar Class A Egerton Capital 3.56%
Cantillon World Ltd Cantillon Capital 3.47%
Eureka Interactive Fund - USD Marshall Wace AM 3.28%
M Kingdon (Offshore NV) Kingdon Capital 3.21%
Galleon Technology Overseas Ltd Galleon Group 3.11%
Raptor Global Class A Tudor Investment Corporation 3.07%
Eureka Fund - USD Marshall Wace AM 2.98%
Chilton International Ltd Class A Chilton Investment Company 2.96%
Viking Global Equities III Viking Capital 2.49%
Pequot International Class A Pequot Capital 2.30%
Elm Ridge Capital Elm Ridge Capital 2.10%
Zweig-DiMenna International Ltd Zweig-DiMenna International 2.09%
Andor Technology Offshore Andor Capital 2.00%
Ascend Partners Leveraged Fund Ascend