U.S. hedge funds lost much of their New Year momentum in February, as their results were outshone by the cream of Europe. Here are the results, collected from managers and other market sources


Fund Name
Company Feb-06
Tosca Toscafund 4.17%
Lansdowne UK Equity - $ Lansdowne Partners 3.14%
Greenlight Capital LP Greenlight Capital 2.40%
Eureka Fund - USD Marshall Wace AM 2.10%
M Kingdon (Offshore NV) Kingdon Capital 2.09%
Eureka Int. Fund - USD Marshall Wace AM 1.96%
FrontPoint Value Disc. Fund Ivory Capital Group 1.65%
Egerton Europ. $ Class A Egerton Capital 1.56%
Maverick Fund Ltd Maverick Capital 1.31%
Raptor Global Class A Tudor Investment Corp. 1.25%
Viking Global Equities III Viking Capital 0.88%
Glenview Capital Partners Glenview Capital 0.83%
BGI Europ. Mkt Neutral - $ Barclays Global Investors 0.82%
Ascend Ptrs Leveraged Fund Ascend Capital 0.28%
Fairfield Sentry Fairfield Greenwich Group 0.20%
Intrepid Capital Fund Intrepid Capital 0.01%
Sloane Robinson (Int.) Fund Sloane Robinson -0.19%
Cantillon World Ltd Cantillon Capital -0.28%
Galleon Tech. Overseas Ltd Galleon Group -0.83%
Chilton Int. Ltd Class A Chilton Investment Co. -0.90%
Pequot International Class A Pequot Capital -0.98%
SAB Overseas Fund Ltd SAB Capital -1.00%
Standard Pacific Class B Standard