Yet again, the bigger funds have notched up better performance. Here are their April returns, collected from managers and other market sources


Fund Name Company Apr-06
The Children's Investment Fund TCI Fund Management 6.10%
Sloane Robinson (International) Fund Sloane Robinson 4.90%
Eureka Fund - USD Marshall Wace AM 3.85%
Elm Ridge Capital Elm Ridge Capital 3.70%
Zweig-DiMenna International Ltd Zweig-DiMenna International 3.11%
Greenlight Capital LP Greenlight Capital 2.90%
Ivory Flagship Fund LP Ivory Investment
Management 2.83%
Lone Cedar Lone Pine Capital 2.63%
Lansdowne UK Equity - USD Lansdowne Partners 2.58%
Egerton European Dollar Class A Egerton Capital 2.33%
Eureka Interactive Fund - USD Marshall Wace AM 2.03%
Cantillon World Ltd Cantillon Capital 1.74%
SAB Overseas Fund Ltd SAB Capital 1.70%
Maverick Fund Ltd Maverick Capital 1.55%
Intrepid Capital Fund Intrepid Capital 1.25%
AlphaGen Capella Class A Gartmore Investment
Management 1.06%
Ascend Partners Fund II LP Ascend Capital 0.96%
Fairfield Sentry Fairfield Greenwich Group 0.94%
Pequot International Class A Pequot Capital 0.70%
Standard Pacific Class B Standard Pacific Capital 0.68%
Chilton International Ltd Class A Chilton Investment Company 0.66%
Galleon Technology Overseas Ltd Galleon Group 0.62%